As a minister of the gospel, relationships is critical to your success in the work of ministry. LIFOGN provides you that needed fellowship, partnership and mentorship which not only has the capacity to improve the depth of your spiritual walk but also creates an avenue for expansion and growth. Enjoy immense benefits as you join the LIFOGN network today. CLICK HERE
Giving and receiving of gifts is seen as expression of love and affection. We all love to receive gifts from our loved ones because it shows us that we are in their thoughts. God, our maker seeks to express His love to us in different ways. He loads us daily with benefits and blessings. His best gift is available right now for the taking. Click here to receive this wonderful gift!

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Come and get refreshed and renewed at this year's Gathering of the Eagles. It's a time for ministers and their spouses to "get away", get ministered to, and be refreshed spiritually. More importantly, it affords ministry heads and church leaders the opportunity to interact, network and encourage one another. 2014 edition is slated for March 20 -22, 2014. Venue is Oyo West Baptist Conference campgrounds, Eleekara Oyo. You may follow these links to REGISTER and INVITE your friends. Get the full details HERE. We are looking forward to seeing you.